Message Development
- Develop a persuasive message and tone
- Formulate quotes and sound bites

It is crucial to be prepared with a specific message prior to your encounter with reporters. You want to be accurate and on-target while communicating your story in the most persuasive way possible.

Media Strategy
- Select the best news outlets
- Respond to all media requests

Barbara will help you decide whether you should grant an interview and to whom. She believes it is important to consider each media request and give a response even if you decide not to do the story.

If there are legal issues, Barbara will work alongside your lawyer (protected by attorney-client privilege) to develop the strategy that should be in place when a client is thrust into the news.

Media Training
The media has the power to shape public opinion in a dramatic way, therefore any media encounter should be taken seriously. Reporters can be very intimidating if you don’t understand them.

As an experienced journalist, Barbara knows first-hand the way reporters think and act. Barbara can train you to become comfortable and confident with the media while effectively communicating your message.

Spokesperson Services
- Evaluate and recommend potential spokesperson
- Refine presentation skills and appearance

In addition to helping you deliver your message, Barbara can also assist you with selecting an ideal spokesperson for your organization.

Barbara will work one-on-one with your spokesperson to refine their communication and presentation skills. In certain circumstances, Barbara is also available to serve as a spokesperson on behalf of your company to meet media needs.